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Nov 4, 2012 6:30pm PST
playing field because even though they would not be able to use their current means of funding unions will still have influence. >> they can not give them directly to campaigns but they still have the ability to make contributions to campaigns. >> reporter: opponents say if it passes they will challenge it in court. in the news room, back to you. >> no power, little gas, food shortagees are not the only difficulties after sandy now there is cold to contend with. >> reporter: ann, good evening. today was another intense cleanup day. staton island one of the hardest hit areas. so much to do as so many people here try to pick up the pieces. >> reporter: nearly a week after sandy millions are without power and thousands holeless. it destroyed blocks of homes. this is where the new york city marathon was supposed to start on sunday. runners still came. armed with back packs full of supplies. >> this would have been two months world of work. >> and ready to help people like frank. >> they are mar thonnerses, not neighbors, not even staton islanders, look at what they are doing, this is g
Nov 25, 2012 6:30pm PST
pastors. they wanted to ask questions before he took over leadership. >> >> reporter: hunter used the church's credit cards for more than $100,000 in personal expenses and that he owed the irs more than there 300,000 in back taxes. >> and i don't think, you know, with his past history that he should be preaching. at all. >> reporter: things got a little ugly here last month when the pastor showed up for his first day at the church cloaked in his white robe and carrying a bible and some parishioners confronted him outside. >> and basically told him to present his papers. you have to have papers to take over the church. he did not have his papers. >> the parishioner is a reporter for the san francisco post. >> kind of hike a brief altercation, kind of a little shoving and hollering. >> reporter: the church says it is under consideration, the reverend has been back once since being kicked out. >> the what if he stays will it be awkward around here? >> most definitely but we are hoping that will not happen. >> reporter: back to you. >>> they are meant to alleviate traffic but some
Nov 18, 2012 6:30pm PST
has been dwindling. today, only a dozen people came to pay respect. >> most of us were not born at that time. it is important we don't repeat this. >>> no let up in iraq and the attacks between israel and hamas in gaza today. in gaza city, israeli missile ripped through a home, killing at least 11 civilians, including four children. and palestinian rocket hit a building in southern israel injuring several people. president barack obama said that he has been in touch with various leaders in the region. >> we are actively working with all of the parties in the region to see if we can end those missiles being fired. without furtheres coalition of violence in the region. >> mr. barack obama add if the violence continues it will be hardtory get back to the two state solution. >>> the police are looking for suspects in the city's 2nd murder this year. a man in his 40s was shot to death last night in the 300 block of icy drive as he sat in the car with a woman of the police say the suspect's took her purse and ran in separate directions. and the second homicide since june. >>> the auth
Nov 11, 2012 6:30pm PST
with the busy holiday food-shopping season upon us. we go with the arguments coming from both sides. >> that is right. >> reporter: there is a lot riding on this. not only the jobs and the benefits and paychecks of 7,500 workers but millions and mill -- millions in holiday sale fist. >> a week after they go on strike the two are back at the table. picket lines remain up but so do hopes. >> it is good news. i want my job back. i miss it. >> reporter: both sides agreed not to talk about it openly but on the union web site while it a positive development no time to let down our guard. >> we dope know what is going on at the -- we don't know what is going on at the taeupbl but the workers are committed to stay out here until we have have a contract. >> wage freeze, holding clerks at $9.21, and others at $21.09 an hour and elimination of holiday pay. >> reporter: it is welcome news. they are talking right now t. it is still scary. we are hoping it -- it will get resolved soon. >> reporter: they are calling the benefit's package one of the best. pension, life shurps, a 401k and this
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4